An Audience

The audience I imagine coming to my website is not a ‘look’ of a person, but a ‘feel’. The people I imagine coming and engaging in my site are people who may have gone through a similar journey as me, or perhaps they are just…

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JaapsFilm: Peer Review #3

Today I had the pleasure of reviewing JaapsFilm; a blog about film photos! I am grateful to review this site, as I have been using a disposable film camera for the past few months and am enjoying the process of taking a photo or two…

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“My Anonymous Heart: To Be Consumed..”

I am a block of text, a photo, a voice, and a screen. I share and create to enter people’s lives, an anonymous entity, by giving benign disinhibition of my experiences, life, thoughts and self into the unknown cyberspace. I am giving myself to you, and I do not know who you are or when you will find this.

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