Site Revision: Peer Review #3

The third peer review was by Gurjap, the creator of Jaapsfilm. Her knowledge and eye for website building is strong and critical; I am thankful for the insights she brought. 

Her first critique was the colouring of my blog. There were two shades of white, which I was able to change into so that both taglines were the same. 

Gurjap mentioned that I was using more than one font. This was mentioned in the second review as well, which I changed my site so I only used two fonts. I think the problem with default capitalization in my theme is causing problems here. I will look at my fonts again and see what I can change. 

Another critique was to cite my photos that I have added. I thought that I had been using a URL while uploading them, so I believe that this URL I have added does not transfer when I post the images and it may have to be done manually again once I have them on my website page ready to publish. This was great to know as I thought I was citing them all along!! 

Gurjap mentioned that my photos were blurry and gave a link to try and make them more clear. I will check that link out for future photos. However, I do like the fact that my blog is about being real and honest and I think if a photo holds a little imperfection of blur it does not make a huge difference. If my blog was about food, photos, or something more specific where images and their quality hold a lot more value to the content this may be more relevant. 

Gurjap addressed the marketability is currently low as I do not have many other forms of media that are linked to my page. I have thought about creating an Instagram to post about topics that are relevant to the content of my page and display my journey this way. However, my current person Instagram is private, and that is a personal decision that I have made, and I do not think it is necessary to pose discomfort in opening it to a public profile as this website is simply for a class at the current moment. 

The final critique Gurjap made was that my site titles and descriptions do not have key words to discuss what the site is about and that she had to read posts to understand. I think a way to address this is an elevator pitch type of post that is on my homepage or can be like a second heading. I currently like the name of my website and the words I use to describe it; it makes me apprehensive about putting a key word; “health, fitness and inspiration” were ideas from Gurjap, but I find those words limiting and putting your website in a box. However, it may grab readers and engage them instead of bouncing to another site. 

I will make the colouring changes as well as go back to the fonts and perhaps select all new ones. I like the idea of reaching out to businesses that would be relevant to my content for advertising, monetization and the potential of being an ambassador. 

I am happy that Gurjap found my site inspiring and organized.! 

With Love, 


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