Site Revision: Peer Review #2

After I received my second peer review I had some great feedback about my blog. The feature photos with each post were enjoyed, as well as the clean and organized lay out. With this, I went back through my posts and ensured that each one had an accompanying photo. 

A critique of my website was that it had many fonts. Although, there were just 3 fonts used, the theme had some headings or titles as default capitalization, and some fonts were not recognizable in an all capital form, making it seem like I was using many different fonts. To fix this I limited my site to 2 fonts and tried to choose fonts where their capital form closely resembled their upper and lowercase text. I did play with the same font in condensed and expanded form to give some variety and without overcomplicating the site. 

The next critique was to include some interactive social media or places to link out to. I did link a song that I think is relevant to my page and have begun creating a playlist. Kirsten who reviewed my site suggested a pinterest board, which I do not have. Instead, I created a blog post with my top body accepting Instagram accounts to follow with link outs to all their accounts and relevant books or websites from the creators. 

The review provided a constructive and positive contribution to my site. 

With Love,


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