Kali Ma: Goddess of Darkness and Death

I am Kali: the Hindu goddess of death and darkness. Known as “she who is black”. 

We all have that voice in our heads that is telling us to step up to the challenge, whatever that feat may be; face your ego and become more aligned with your truth. 

I came to Tiana’s website to write a message as her spirit has carried my Kali Ma energy many times as she faced her fears, challenged her ego and entered a more authentic self. 

Initially misunderstood as evil; the images and stories depicting me are horrid: standing naked, except for exquisite jewelry and skull garland necklace that rings my neck. My tongue drapes from my mouth and drips with blood; creating a pool at my feet where my dead husband lays from trampling him. I have 8 or 10 arms; always with a severed head in one hand and a dagger in the other as well as other objects of threat. Commonly overlooked is my third eye of powerful intuition, evolution of self, and discerning decision making. As well, my right hand is poised in varada mudra; signifying benevolence, sincerity, and offering and compassion. 

I am Kali; goddess of darkness and death. With darkness comes the unknown, mystery and struggle to find what are looking for and death entails endings and cutting-off threads of life. Holding power for these traits is my third eye and the ability to distinguish right and wrong without hesitation through unwavering intuition. Death occurs when the ego becomes void; I expose inauthenticity and abolish that which no longer serves you. This is what summons fear: removing the ego and facing unfamiliarity, revoking the person you once were and replacing that space to reveal the true self. You will never again be the person you were before. 

Tiana was fierce and powerful as she accepted the death of her current soul and braced darkness and the unknown. Reaching her purest self required cutting ties with behaviours of extreme overeating, friendships that were harmful or did not serve and dismantling routine comforts. No longer did she use food and indulgence to soothe and distract her mind and soul, fostering a rogue and conscious discomfort. Tiana recognized that many of her relationships were serving her desire for acceptance, belonging and status were superficial. They crowded her ego; solitary enriched her previously confused beliefs, values and self, enlightening her soul. 

I am shakti (Hindi sanskrit ); the quintessential embodiment of female power.

Tiana embarked on a journey of mystery and foreign actions to awaken new life and weight loss was the outcome of this transformation and rebirth. Tiana faced the darkness and fought for her authentic self, and won. 

Tiana (white shirt) – A weekly routine of a 630am all-weather permitting outdoor workout
Durbar Square- Kathmandu Nepal

Through my darkness and death is the gift of giving life, benevolence and motherly love. My discern for what is false, not serving and inauthentic allows exposure to that which serves and is genuine. With a fierce and unapologetic love I bring to life the pure, authentic, and thriving truth within.



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