Oneself, One Earth: Review #2

The overall look and feel that Kristen Rose brought to her sight, Oneself, One Earth, is clean and easy to follow. The main fonts are quite rigid, which does add to the clean look, however some heading fonts are a bit more ‘fun’ and I found they did not remain consistent with the vibe. The images used are really clean and Kristen Roses’ ability to have consistency within her feel of her page is obvious. Her posts fill the page nicely (reviewed on a browser) and it is easy to understand what I am looking at and how it is categorized.

The fonts on the side bar are inconsistent- I would use the font on the top on the ‘recent posts’ too.

Additionally, her colour theme suites the content of her site which is a lovely touch. I did not see too many options of linking out, however due to her content being about her life makes that more difficult to have those options. One thing I noticed in the 5 tips to have a less-stressed school life is that there is mention of a nice Spotify playlist to listen to- but that link is not there :)!! 

The colours used fit together beautifully!

Overall, I really like this website and I bet it is a fun place to post about daily activities such as exercise and physical destressing, baking and environmentally conscious actions. I might add a little addition or try to narrow down who the website audience is- but now that I know, I definitely would enjoy popping in, especially to learn about small actions I can take to help our planet!  

With Love,


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