JaapsFilm: Peer Review #3

Today I had the pleasure of reviewing JaapsFilm; a blog about film photos! I am grateful to review this site, as I have been using a disposable film camera for the past few months and am enjoying the process of taking a photo or two in a moment and then having the experience of getting them developed and bringing those moments back to life. I am looking at purchasing a film photo in the near future!

Gurjap, the blogger behind this page tells us “there is just something special about only having one chance to take the perfect shot. Although the pictures don’t always turn out to be how I wanted them, nevertheless they are still perfect because of how imperfect and realistic they are”. I couldn’t agree more! Even if someone is blinking, blurry from motion, just not as you envisioned, there is an authenticity that cannot be captured through the lens of a phone or a photo that can have a thousand other slightly different copies, uploaded and edited. 

The ‘Home’ of JaapsFilm

Gurjap’s site displays one of her film photos and includes a story or insight to give the reader understanding of the situation, as well as Gurjap. I imagined her audience is someone who is interested in film, but as I clicked and viewed her posts I realized how this blog is also greatly about Gurjap herself. I read her ‘My Audience’ http://jaapsfilm.ca/blog/uncategorized/my-audience/ post and familiarized myself with who she is trying to grab attention for. I agree with her words, and I think Gurjap would do very well at marketing and finding an audience that are passionate about the same issues as her; finding her voice as an advocate and teacher. 

All About Gurjap!

Gurjap’s ‘About Me’ page demonstrates her thoughtfulness and acknowledgement of others, where she positions herself, and her pride in her Punjabi culture and Sikhi living. These aspects of Gurjap are present throughout her website as her PUB101 essay ‘Social Media and Democracy’ , was about the issue of the Farmer Protest in India, as well her ‘No Text Needed‘ mini assignment was of an Indian wedding (the photos were stunning), and she has other posts that are demonstrating her care for her culture and roots. I loved this theme her blog carried; images, stories and issues and I am happy to continue to follow JaapsFilm to keep updated and learning about a group of people, culture and lifestyle that I currently have limited exposure to. 

As for marketing, perhaps Gurjap could link out to the camera she uses, where she gets her photos developed, lighting technologies used, or other similar aspects of film photography. As well, perhaps link out to sites where readers like me could read more about the Farmer Protests from valid sources, or about Sikh weddings and tradition! 

Overall, JaapsFilm is a great site! The images are beautiful, the words and stories are thoughtful, and I leave feeling I learned something new by someone who is genuine and passionate about the topic. 

Wonderful work Gurjap- I honestly loved your site!! 

With Love,


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