Kali Ma: Goddess of Darkness and Death

I am Kali: the Hindu goddess of death and darkness. Known as “she who is black”.  We all have that voice in our heads that is telling us to step up to the challenge, whatever that feat may be; face your ego and become more…

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“My Anonymous Heart: To Be Consumed..”

I am a block of text, a photo, a voice, and a screen. I share and create to enter people’s lives, an anonymous entity, by giving benign disinhibition of my experiences, life, thoughts and self into the unknown cyberspace. I am giving myself to you, and I do not know who you are or when you will find this.

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More than strangers

Is that what I am doing right now? Trying to be more than a stranger to whoever is reading this? All too often people are alone together; independent in a shared space. This idea was presented by Erving Goffman (1963). Common situations of public transit,…

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