I am learning to live loud and large in a world where I was told that I needed to be smaller, quieter, and less. This site will be host podcast and blog posts about how I lost 170lbs; going from morbidly obese to fit, strong and capable. When a severe foot injury stopped me in my tracks; I went from running half marathons each Sunday and conquering any fitness feat to a year that consisted of 5 months of crutching and a struggle to get my own groceries or leave my house, and still affects my daily movement. I had no choice but to contemplate and discover a deeper gratitude for my body, face my disordered eating and exercise habits, learn how to walk again, ask for help, set new goals, and find self love, unapologetic with where and who I am today.

Stay tuned for blog posts, podcasts and insights !

With Love,


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