Making The Cut:

To post or not to post ✓

Please do not ask me to post on my social media. My Instagram and Facebook display entirely different entities of Tiana. Facebook is where I post to raise awareness of my marathon fundraiser for suicide awareness, or calendar donations for WAVAW: rape crisis center. These posts are the two status updates from the past eight years. Photos are tagged and added by other people or are dating back to 2013. This profile of Tiana is a fragmented glimpse of who I used to be.

Instagram is another story. Posts are more frequent; averaging at two a year. They portray a girl who enjoys fitness, sunsets, fitness during sunsets, or posing on an occasion where I thought I looked fantastic. These photos depict smooth skin, bright eyes, and a camera position that promotes my smallest angle. No photoshop or excessive number takes, but selective with the photo that gets posted… if one makes the cut. I will post a story highlight of my mandala drawings. Giving my artwork a 24 hour window to be seen before it disappears and have no reservation posting these.

Mandala drawing that made the cut. February 2021.

I do not post about social movements, successes and triumphs, or even life events; nothing controversial, informative or thought provoking. A silent, neutral presence is where I find comfort in my online space. This PUB101 class is pushing that boundary. I am asked to make a meme and post on my social media to advertise my website. I am not ready to expose my unguarded thoughts and authentic self to those who follow me on Instagram. 

Running 7.5km to work (as a mover). I would have won a free T-shirt if I posted this on Instagram.. but chose not to.. because.. ? I felt silly? trying too hard?

My experiences and thoughts bring me an overwhelming notion to make my voice public. However, a remaining  need to fit in and remain unseen takes over any encouragement and action that would bring my story to life. I am not ready to share this website and thoughts with my developed online world just yet. I feel confident sharing my thoughts with people unknown, where I am anonymous, but it is the people who know me and who I have control over how and who they know that cause me to withdraw my message. However, as this class is requiring me to take my story and put it into this online space; forcing the voice that began as a whisper to grow louder. It is only a matter of time before my insights are given exposure and brought to life.

With love


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