9 Instagram Accounts of Radical Body Appreciation. Follow Now!

Who do you imagine and associate when you read or hear key words like: fitness, yoga, happy, movement, body positivity, radical, healthy, athlete, beautiful, strong, eating disorder, feminism, self-love, or inspiration?

I have learned the value in expanding my horizon to the ideas and images that pop into my head when I hear certain words. Instagram is a great space for investing in yourself and your ability to support all people, especially women, as following diverse accounts will show you what you may not see otherwise. Read my blog post “My Body Is Not A Democracy” to learn more about how Instagram algorithms favour the thin, white and young body and if a body is not within that realm, the photos and accounts are more likely to be reported, flagged and removed.

Consciously and curiously; following accounts that display a wide range of people and bodies enables the opportunity to push our boundaries of how we think when we hear key words, that are commonly devoted to a limited body type. Our ability to envision diversity with ease can help us to encourage others to thrive in any sphere, as well as have the courage to believe in ourselves, no matter the endeavor.

These are my favourite Instagram accounts that leave me grateful to be one of the millions of badass ladies in the world!

1. Meg Boggs

“Strong, confident and empowered at any size”. – Meg Boggs

“I dont want to be strong like man, who look pretty. I want to be strong, like bitch who fight bear in the forest”. – Meg Boggs

Meg Boggs’ (she/her) is an athlete, mother, advocate and author sending the message that fitness is for EVERY BODY. She is a strong badass lady and her posts demonstrate that exercise is an inclusive activity as she unapologetically moves her body through running, lifting, bodyweight exercises and more.

Check out her book (available April 27. 2021): Fitness for Every Body

Why I love it: I often get frustrated and think that I would be better at pushups, pullups and other exercises if I were in a smaller/lighter body. However, Meg gives me confidence and assurance that my body is capable of anything exactly as I am.

2. Beauty Redefined

“Your body is an instrument, not an ornament”. – Lindsay and Lexie Kite

Beauty Redefined is an account by Lexie and Lindsay Kite. Twins, both with PhDs’ and co-authors of ‘More Than A Body’. The posts are of insightful text promoting body resilience. I cannot put into words the value of the messages. See for yourself! 

Why I love it: The posts encapsulate the female experience of our bodies being objectified and then counters these messages with our right to gain autonomy and respect for ourselves and all other women.

3. Grrrl

“Here to change how women see themselves and how the world sees women.” – Grrrl

Grrrl is a clothing brand that has a zesty Instagram page. Their brand is about inclusivity and their page is full of women who are living badass lives. All ages, body sizes, shape, colour, ability, limb number: Grrrl is inspiring, uplifting and empowering. The posts ensure that us Grrrls know our worth is endless, we can achieve anything and we are right in being our authentic selves.

Why I love it: The posts I see make my jaw drop on the daily. Some of these grrrls are fucking unbelievable. Mic Drop for everyone out there being a badass.

4. The Body Is Not an Apology

“‘Getting it right’ is a body-shame paradigm. Radical self-love is honoring how we are all products of a rigged system designed to keep us stuck in stigma and shame. The only way to beat that system is by giving ourselves something the system never will: compassion.” – Sonya Renee Taylor

Exactly as it sounds. The body is not an apology. This Instagram page is inclusive to all bodies and people; spreading and repeating the message that we are made to live and exist unapologetically. This account also commonly posts books, authors and people to watch for that continue the conversation of body acceptance and the fight to gain autonomy and respect for the vessels that we live our lives. This page is founded by Sonya Renee Taylor, author of ‘The Body Is Not An Apology’. Sonya is a black, larger bodied female who is helping people achieve radical self love.

Why I love it: This page is a solemn reminder of my white privilege. Many of the posts initiate reflection and emphasis that I have not had to overcome barriers like others have, and still do. This page is a reminder that everyone deserves radical self love, respect and celebration, but our work for equity is not close to being done.

5. Fear Her Fight Athletics

“Igniting and reinforcing intersectional feminism in the strength space.” – Fear Her Fight Athletics

Fear Her Fight athletics is a page dedicated to increasing awareness and the voice of people who are underrepresented in the strength space. Fear Her Fight represents women of colour athletes, gender non conforming athletes, immigrant, fat, intersex, Muslim, disabled, trans, black, queer, recovering, indigenous and ALL athletes. They are building their own table; so everyone has a place to sit.

Why I love it: Fear Her Fight takes a powerful stance at tackling inclusion and justice. This page enlightens me on equity and equality issues from global and individual levels; celebrating the wins of righteousness and highlighting the where our work is unfinished.

6. The Birds Papaya

“Know that there is nothing more amazing than a women who owns and loves her choices.” – The Birds Papaya

The Birds Papaya is an account by Sarah Nicole Landry and normalizes bodies. From recovering from an eating disorder, to finding self love and most recently, having her third child; Sarah is open through her journey and (now) pregnancy and how her body has changed. She is honest about extra skin, stretch marks and introduces a real and unapologetic postpartum body that is perfect with absolutely no reason to be ‘fixed’.

Why I love it: The stretch marks and extra skin in my Instagram feed mean a lot to me. After losing weight I had and still have pounds of skin that hang off my body. This skin seems to be open to conversation as many times people have straight up told me “itll bounce back- youre young” (fyi it won’t), or asked me what is wrong with my legs because of how the skin droops, or seem to invite their own insecurities into a conversation after seeing that I carry this skin with me. Seeing this absolutely normal part of a body makes me feel seen and beautiful as I am, and I am grateful that due to Sarahs’ large following, many people are witnessing the bodies awesome ability of adapting to our human evolutions.

7. Stephanie Dodier

We don’t need to love our body, sisters. What we need is body respect.” – Stephanie Dodier

Stephanie Dodier is a feminist who deconstructs diet culture and teaches how to unlearn this from our psyche. Her podcast is how I got introduced to her message and I have not stopped listening! She emphasizes feministic views, body peace, intuitive eating, how to make goals that are not determined by food, body and weight. She is brilliant and the captions of her posts are where the messages of healing and love reside.

Why I love it: Stephanie fights back at being a ‘good girl’, the ‘black outfit’, diet talk and notions and other constructs that have shaped beliefs that I have held onto for a good portion of my life. I actively listen to her podcasts to benefit the most from her knowledge and work.

8. Kenzie Brenna

The Body Is Innocent.”

Kenzie holds an account that has evolved greatly over the past few years. I began following her when I was in the midst of loosing weight, as she had also undergone a weight loss journey. Since then her body has continued to change, and with this she posts honestly about body image, fatphobia, as well as mental health, eating disorders, and normalizing the bad days.

Why I love it: Kenzie has been an advocate for normalizing experiences that I have had trouble facing within myself. Although her posts do not serve me as much as they did before, they provide a message that tells us we are allowed to live unapologetically and free from other peoples opinions.

9. FeministVoice

Tell your friends you love them.

Plain and simple. FeministVoice posts daily reminders that are here to support one another, and treat ourselves with love.

Why I love it: Its cute, inclusive, and gives me a daily dose of reminding me to be kind, respectful, and loving to myself and everyone else.

With Love,


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